The Irrigation Development Fund is a fund established to facilitate projects and development activities carried out by the Southern Provincial Irrigation Department.

To facilitate the establishment of the Southern Provincial Irrigation Fund in accordance with the powers vested in the Provincial Council by Article 19 of Schedule 13 of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, Schedule 09, and Chapter V of the Southern Provincial Irrigation Charter No. 01 of 2019.

This fund receives revenue from fees charged for field inspections for recommending the construction of buildings on lands adjacent to irrigation and proceeds from the sale of Irrigation Map by the Geographical Information Unit of the Department, as stated in various Memoranda of Understanding entered into by the Department. Refunds to the department under conditions and non-payment withheld, etc.

Proceeds from the leasing of machinery owned by the Department to other institutions will be credited to the Irrigation Development Fund by registering the suppliers of machinery required for irrigation and agricultural activities with the Irrigation Development Fund and thereby leasing the machinery to the required parties.

The Irrigation Development Fund also receives revenue from the registration and collection of fees for trade and entertainment facilities maintained by the department in connection with water sources and protected areas.

In addition, the transfer of water from water sources belonging to the Department to private institutions for non-agricultural commercial purposes will also be regulated by the Board and the relevant revenue will be transferred to the Irrigation Development Fund.

Board of Directors of the Irrigation Development Fund
board of directors

The objectives of the fund are to carry out maintenance and operations related to the irrigation business in the province, to carry out development and rehabilitation activities more efficiently, and to carry out research and development activities related to the field of irrigation.

In addition, the Irrigation Development Fund aims to improve flood and seawater disaster management, facilitate irrigation conservation and improve the human resources of irrigation conservation and development committees and irrigation development committees.

The Irrigation Development Fund mainly agrees to all possible irrigation projects under the objectives of the Southern Provincial Irrigation Fund and approves the identification of projects that need to be implemented in relation to irrigation.

The fund also functions to provide the labor contribution and consulting services required for the implementation of the project, to set and pay for the costs involved, and to deal with and cover any matters that may fall under the objectives of the fund.